Welcome to my Summer Trip 2005 Photos Area. I have compiled most of the photos here and divided them up by chronological order so that you can see what I saw. Please be aware that I kept the photos rather large in order to allow you (the viewer) as much detail of the beauty as I could. Load times of each individual photo could be a little annoying.

Preparing to leave
Day 1 (06-27-2005): Vegas Bound
Day 2 (06-28-2005): Leaving Las Vegas
Day 3 (06-29-2005): The Grand Canyon and Beyond
Day 4 (06-30-2005): The Colorado Rockies
Day 5 (07-01-2005): Boring Nebraska
Day 6 (07-02-2005): Lincoln, NE - Davenport, IA
Day 10 (07-10-2005): Conshohocken, PA - Atlantic City, N.J. (and back again)

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