July 26, 2005

The flights to LA on Friday, although uneventful, seemed endless. The first leg took me into Atlanta for a 3-4 hour layover. Luckily I brought some DVDs to play in the laptop, which killed most of it. Unfortunately, I didn't leave myself enough time to recharge my batteries so my in flight movie was cut off before we landed. Which brings me to the unexpected stop in Dallas. (I really should have paid more attention to my itinerary.) I was able to get off the plane for 20 minutes to recharge the batteries, so I was almost able to watch therest of the movie before landing in LA, where I was picked up at the airport by my father, step mother and step sister.

The Grotto (My fathers pool)

Saturday was spent setting up software on the laptop for our G.P.S. systems, running around picking up needed accessories and supplies, and generally prepping for the trip. It was a pretty busy day, but not very interesting, so I won't bother with the details. All I will say is that dinner was Salsa-riffic.

Today I finally got on the Road King for the first time since my CA trip of 2001. It was a little awkward being on such a heavy bike after so long, but after a couple of hours on the road I was able to adapt. Of course I was baptized by fire: The Ortega Highway. Now I understand why so many speed demons die on that road. It is a winding road and every turn is a blind one.

My father and I took a rest at The Lookout Roadhouse where we met up with the ladies (my step mother and step sister; they had left a few minutes before us.) We took some pictures and enjoyed the view before continuing on to Dana Point where we had a late lunch. After lunch, we went down to the beach where I dipped my toes (actually my boots) into the Pacific Ocean, officially beginning my trek across the country.

Dana Point

We drove back to Yucaipa (where my father lives) taking the same route we took out. I found the ride back to be much more manageable having adjusting to the new machinery. We zipped along the Ortega Highway, once again stopping at The Lookout for a quick break.

The Lookout Roadhouse

And so began my coast to coast adventure. Tomorrow we (my father and I) will be heading out en route to Vegas. So will begin our three days through the desert.

More to come.

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